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====== Home ====== Welcome to [[|The Carious Legion]]'s "Clinic Help" wiki. Here you'll find a virtual unofficial clinic manual that'll make your life in the clinic run smoothly. ---- ====== What do you need help with? ====== General: * [[Axium]] * [[Classifications]] * [[What is normal?]] Departments: * [[Emergency]] * [[Endodontics]] * [[Oral Diagnosis]] * [[Oral Pathology]] * [[Oral Surgery]] * [[Periodontics]] * [[Pharmacology]] * [[Prosthodontics]] * [[Radiology]] * [[Restorative]] ---- Information on this site has been adapted from many sources, including:\\ [[|UDM Clinic Manual]]\\ [[|Dental Clinic Help]]\\ [[|HSDM Student-to-Student Guide to Clinic]]

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